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Yealink MVC940


Yealink MVC Series is the brand-new video conferencing system released by Yealink that revolutionizes the Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience. Perfectly integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Yealink cutting-edge audio & video solutions, the Yealink MVC Series is deemed to cover all the usage scenarios and provide you with the excellent meeting experience in the conference room. Consisting of the touch console, content sharing unit, audio and video peripherals, and mini-PC, the Yealink MVC Series enhances the whole meeting experience with the familiar Microsoft Teams Rooms interface and a close-to-zero learning curve, allowing you just to simply walk into the conference room and start your meeting with one-touch join, or type a few names and launch an ad hoc call. The Yealink MVC900 includes four 360 ° pick-up-range microphones, a camera hub and two powerful pan-tilt-zoom cameras with 12x optical zoom, to cover up an extra-large conference room.


What's In The Box

  • Mini-PC and cable management box
  • Yealink MTouch touch console
  • Yealink MShare for content sharing
  • Camera-Hub
  • 2 x UVC80 USB PTZ camera
  • 4 x VCM34 array microphones (optional)
  • Yealink MSpeaker soundbar (optional)

Yealink MVC940

R98 999,00Price

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