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Technology that works and then steps out of the way.

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Auto Frame and Zoom

Make sure that everyone is seen and heard clearly with Poly's smart camera technology.

Block Nearby Sound

Polycom Acoustic Fence creates an invisible bubble around your workspace that blocks out nearby conversations and ambient noise.

Eliminate Meeting Noise

Polycom NoiseBlock removes distracting noises between comments - from shuffling papers to typing on a laptop -and enables an uninterrupted flow of ideas.



Share content in your organization with Pano and turn every room into a collaboration powerhouse.


Poly, which means “many,” leverages the legendary audio and video expertise of Plantronics and Polycom and its breadth of smart endpoints that connect across and between unified communications platforms to reduce the distractions, complexity, and distance in the modern workspace. Poly aims to be the solution of choice whenever and wherever collaboration clouds reach people.

Poly makes it easier than ever to scale video to every room. From all-in-one kits and devices for your huddle rooms to customized audio visual systems for your training rooms, combine Poly with the software that best fits your needs.

Poly Room Solutions

Poly Room Solutions

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