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Empower your organization with face-to-face meetings.

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High-Quality Video Meetings

Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests. Every time.



Support tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, or Skype for Business in the same workflow.



A cloud-native platform provided as a service or deployed as a self-hosted solution either on-prem or cloud.


Google Meet is a video-conference-calling platform designed primarily for professional use, which links remote colleagues together for real-time interaction.

Google Meet, also known as Google Hangouts Meet, is built to let dozens of people join the same virtual meeting, and speak or share video with each other from anywhere with internet access. It's meant for use by businesses and other organizations, and it's a great way for colleagues who don't work in the same building to communicate.

Pexip Room Solutions

Pexip Room Solutions

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