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Lead Management

Kathea promotes the brands it represents through various direct marketing channels and in so doing hopes to garner customer leads for sales opportunities in respect of these brands. Providing these leads back into our partner community for further sales engagement and installation and ongoing support of that customer is also a great way for us to offer value to our partners.


Kathea takes into consideration many facets in determining where to send leads. Examples of these facets are:

  • Who is the incumbent partner in the customer?

  • Has the customer indicated which partner they would like to work with?

  • Which partner has good expertise in the particular technology or customer vertical?

  • Which partners are generally good to work with on projects?

  • Which partners have been excellent in responding to and closing leads in the past?

  • Opportunity rotation (not constantly feeding all leads to the same partners)

  • The type of customer and their location


If one combines this complex and subjective landscape with the need to act quickly and the possibility of us not having all information and context to hand at all times, it is possible that we could get this wrong. We ask your understanding and recognition of this complexity if we do. We also encourage you to work closely with us to benefit from this value-add.

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