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Conference rooms that make it easy to run or join video meetings.

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Enhance Productivity in Rooms

Start meetings with one-touch, share content wirelessly, all with HD video and audio.

Centralize Room Management

Monitor, analyze, and manage all your conference rooms from one single admin portal.

Setup any Room

with Ease

Build the room you need with the hardware you want to work with Zoom's coud platform

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms tackle the three biggest pain points of the conference room: Starting a meeting, booking a meeting and sharing content. Zoom Rooms allows you to easily share multiple desktops simultaneously in the room and provides a variety of simple, wireless sharing options for guests and people on your network.

ZoomRooms make it easier than ever to scale video to every room. From all-in-one kits and devices for your huddle rooms to customized audio visual systems for your training rooms, combine Zoom's cloud platform with the hardware that best fits your needs.

ZoomRooms Solutions

ZoomRooms Solutions

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