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USB Gains More Ground in Video Conferencing

USB Gains More Ground in Video Conferencing

Synergy Research, a group committed to reporting insights on IT, cloud, and related markets, recently published a new study on the video conferencing landscape. According to Synergy, at the end of June, USB technology was rapidly gaining ground in the video conferencing market. As employees log into more meetings from home, plug-and-play devices that require nothing, but a USB connection are leading the way to the new workplace.

In Q1 of 2020, the USB video conferencing systems market accounted for around 36% of all video conferencing market revenues. This is a huge increase from 21% in 2019. At the same time, the USB share for video rooms increased to 41%. That’s another significant increase on the 35% coverage USB rooms had only a year ago.

Driving Video Conferencing Growth

According to Synergy, there are a few reasons why USB technology is gaining ground right now. The tech is cheaper and more accessible than traditional video codec systems. Additionally, USB tools are much simpler to plug into VaaS services.

Currently, Poly and Cisco are leading the market for traditional video conferencing systems. However, Logitech appears to be a clear leader in the USB space, achieving around 65% of market share in the first quarter. Leadership of the high-growth market for USB technology also helped Logitech to claim second place in the overall market for video conferencing, meaning that it’s just behind Cisco.

Interestingly, the overall market for video conferencing systems declined by around 13% in the first quarter of this year, compared to 2019. However, this came entirely from a sharp reduction in the sales of traditional video conferencing tools. In that time, USB video conferencing system sales increased by 50%. Over the last 12 months, the total sales values equaled around $2 billion.

Leading the Way with USB

According to Chief Analyst and Founder of the Synergy Research Group, Jeremy Duke, the biggest benefactors of the USB marketplace are vendors offering USB conferencing cameras. In this location, it’s Logitech that’s leading the charge. The USB cameras from Logitech are easy to use and cost-effective, working with VaaS solutions from companies like Microsoft Teams, Google, Zoom and many others.

COVID-19 has established even more momentum for a market that was already beginning to gain a lot of attention in recent years.


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