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Poly Studio X Series: Radically Simple Video Bars

Yealink MVC Meeting Room

Poly Studio X video bars deliver radical simplicity in a single sleek device. Leave your PC or Mac at your desk. Then huddle in smaller rooms and connect easily in conference rooms - with nearly any video collaboration software, including Zoom.

Poly Studio X30

Just because your meetings are in small spaces doesn’t mean those meetings aren’t important.

Meet the Poly Studio X30, an all-in-one video bar for huddle and small rooms. It’s radically simple to use with support for leading cloud video services built right in - no PC or Mac required. Voices are crisp and clear, thanks to a beam-forming microphone array and acoustic chamber design.

Poly X30 product image
  • Ideal for Rooms of up to six Participants

  • Powerful Audio Pick up

  • White Boarding

  • 4x Digital Zoom

  • 120° Field of View

  • Download Datasheet

Poly Studio X50

The Poly Studio X50 video bar delivers radical simplicity in a small, elegant package. In small- and medium-sized rooms, connect easily with whatever video collaboration software you may use. Experience full boardroom-quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and quick wireless content - all in one sleek video bar.

Say goodbye to unnecessary pucks, cords, and cables, along with the PC or Mac to drive the meeting, since the Poly Video OS runs the show.

Poly Studio X50 product image
  • Ideal for Rooms of up to 10 Participants

  • 5x Digital Zoom

  • 120° Field of View

  • Automatic People Framing

  • Dual Monitor Support

  • Powerful Audio Pick up

  • Download Datasheet

Poly Studio X70

The Poly Studio X70 video bar combines stunning design with razor-sharp 4K video and boardroom-filling stereo that brings your large meeting rooms to life. Its all-in-one construction means you can trash all those annoying cables and stop bothering your IT people for help. And with its AI-driven video and audio experiences, the Poly Studio X70 turns any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight.

Poly Sudio X70 product image
  • Dual Camera with 4K Sensors

  • Two-way Stereo Speakers

  • AI -driven Camera Array

  • NoiseBlockAI Noise reduction

  • Seamless Native Experience

  • Download Datasheet


Whilst our Solution Builder Tool provides you with great insights on the options for different rooms sizes, brand preferences, cloud video platforms and budgets, please feel free to contact us for more advice. If you know what you want then please contact us to be guided to a trusted reselling partner for a quote or demonstration.


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