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Poly Adds Camera Input Capabilities with Video OS Update 3.2

Poly Adds Camera Input Capabilities with Video OS Update 3.2

Now more than ever, workforces are dispersed, and industries of all types are relying on technology to maintain and reimagine their workflows. The way we teach, heal, build, and do business has been rapidly disrupted and Poly is moving at warp speed to deliver innovations to help our customers make the most of this new way of working. With Poly Video OS update 3.2 for the Poly Studio X and G7500, we’ve added USB and HDMI camera input capabilities (G7500 and Poly Studio X50)  – providing our endpoints with a wide variety of camera options and the ability to switch cameras in a dynamic setting. Moreover, we’re proud to announce the addition of two new native partners apps, StarLeaf and RingCentral.

Connect Additional Cameras for Greater Flexibility

For those working remotely in industries such as broadcast, education, and medical, we are especially excited to provide the ability to add supplementary cameras and switch between them for the best possible view.

With OS update 3.2, a teacher in a classroom with some or all of their students joining over video can now walk to another part of the room to show a model or draw on a whiteboard while staying on-camera – simply by switching to whichever camera has the best view. This can be done by connecting an EagleEye IV USB to the Studio X50 for alternate views that might need greater zoom capabilities.

Or, a specialized camera can be connected via HDMI for medical or mechanical trainings. This can be done by connecting multiple cameras to the G7500 or Studio X50 and the view controlled from the Poly TC8 touchscreen controller.

Using Multiple Cameras with a Poly Studio X50

Using Multiple Cameras with a Poly G7500

We also added greater audio flexibility by enabling 3.5mm audio output on the Studio X50, allowing you to use a wider variety of speakers when required for larger rooms. Additionally, the 3.2 software update brings USB support for Extron DSP opening up a wide array of audio options for larger rooms.

USB Device Mode Improvements

Upgrades to USB Device Mode make it even better – giving you full control while using your PC to drive the meeting.  You now have mute, camera, and volume control in USB Device Mode which provides the ultimate flexibility to connect to whatever platform you need via your PC.

New Partners

Now you can launch your StarLeaf or RingCentral meeting natively from your Poly Studio X30 or X50.  This brings our total number of native partner applications to six – far and away the most of any video conferencing hardware on the market.

Flexible Mounting Options for the Studio X30

You asked, we listened… With our new inverted mounting kit, you can now mount the Poly X30 underneath the monitor while concealing all of the cables.

Regardless of how you are working now or in the future, Poly is here to adapt and innovate according to the times – ensuring you look and sound your best no matter where you work. Poly Video OS Software 3.2 update is available now via Poly’s cloud management tool


Whilst our Solution Builder Tool provides you with great insights on the options for different rooms sizes, brand preferences, cloud video platforms and budgets, please feel free to contact us for more advice. If you know what you want then please contact us to be guided to a trusted reselling partner for a quote or demonstration. 


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