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Logitech Small Room Solution for Google Meet


Designed for focus rooms and smaller conference rooms, the small configuration minimizes cabling and saves space with Logitech MeetUp, a marvel of miniaturization that mounts neatly above or below a display. Place Logitech Tap on the table, or add a wall mount to save even more space.


What's In The Box

  • Logitech MeetUp
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Logitech Strong USB 10m
  • Chromebox (PC) Mount
  • Google-Approved Chromebox



  • 2 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Logitech Small Room Solution for Google Meet

R49 499,00Price

    * Please note that you cannot purchase directly from this site. Prices are purely indicative (and are not regularly updated to the latest rate of exchange) to help you build your preferred solution.

    All pricing is exclusive of VAT.

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