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Poly Announces New Zoom Certified Appliances

Poly Announces New Zoom Certified Appliances

Leading communications company Poly, has announced an exciting update to its portfolio. The company has now revealed that the Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50 video bars, as well as the G7500 video system are the first Zoom Rooms tools to receive certification from Zoom.

The Poly Zoom Rooms technology pieces are the first Android-based hardware options that offer native functionality with Zoom Rooms. All three pieces, including the Poly Studio X30, the X50, and the Poly G7500 system for video conferencing are available to manage via Zoom Device Management. What’s more, these solutions all come with a convenient and streamlined plug-and-play experience.

Poly’s devices have proved that they can meet with Zoom’s high standards for video and audio quality. What’s more, the addition of the Zoom certification means that the Poly Studio X family and the G7500 service can provide a comprehensive Zoom Rooms experience. Along with high-quality video, you also get access to the incredible audio from the Poly team.

The Ultimate Zoom Rooms Hardware

Poly’s collection of Zoom Rooms native devices combine the simplicity of the Zoom video conferencing experience, with the enterprise-grade video and audio teams demand. Designed to bring more clarity and convenience to the meeting room, these devices are made for better meetings. The video and audio technology comes with access to many of Poly’s leading features.

Businesses building their Zoom Rooms with the Poly Studio X series, or the G7500 will have access to conversation and speaker tracking. The devices also come with Acoustic Fence technologies, NoiseBlock AI, and other systems intended to block out unwanted distractions. These Zoom Rooms appliances also have the highest quality of security features.

A hardened operating system built into the hardware allows for secure update distribution, and peace of mind for business admins. The technology also goes through thorough third-party testing, to ensure that no security vulnerabilities are lingering behind the scenes.

According to Vice President and General Manager of Room Collaboration within Poly, Tim Root, Poly and Zoom are setting new standards in the industry. The companies are constantly working together to enhance the kind of seamless and native experiences that businesses can create with video. The Poly portfolio of Zoom certified devices ensures that it’s easy for users to collaborate from anywhere.

Setting the Standard for Meeting Rooms

Poly is currently the only company offering true native experiences for Zoom Rooms. The Poly product portfolio includes native voice, video, and headset hardware, all created to help businesses make the most out of their experiences with Zoom. Whether you’re working with Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, or Zoom Rooms, Poly aims to give you the friction-free interactions you need most.

Zoom and Poly’s collaboration over meeting room devices and tools spans a rapidly expanding portfolio of solutions for communication and collaboration. These solutions provide exceptional ease of use for brilliant collaboration, while still offering companies freedom of choice.

Poly’s high-quality devices are designed with premium video and audio collaboration experiences in mind. Companies can access the technology that they need in any space. What’s more, the Zoom Rooms certifications for Poly devices allow users access to Zoom-certified devices from wherever they’re going to conduct their work, including from their remote or in-home offices.

Zoom is dedicated to providing the best possible collaboration experiences to its users. The Head of Zoom Rooms, Jeff Smith, commented on the recent certification of the new Poly devices. He said that as the first Zoom Rooms tools to get their own Zoom certification, the G7500 and the Poly Studio X collection are sure to transform meeting experiences.

Zoom and Poly are working tirelessly together to ensure that meetings are as secure and seamless as possible. Working with Poly, Zoom wants to continue offering simple and convenient video experiences. Both Zoom and Poly believe that modern meeting room solutions should be easy to deploy and manage. Only when the technology in the meeting room is easy to use, can the conversation remain the core focus for any team.

The G7500 video conferencing tool, and the Poly video bars are now certified for Zoom Rooms use in most regions around the world.


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