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Microsoft Teams Issues New Blow to Zoom With Superb Features And Updates

Poly Announces New Zoom Certified Appliances

First up is a feature that many people could find useful—the ability to switch accounts much more easily. In a bid to simplify day to day Teams use, Microsoft is giving users the opportunity to add multiple accounts and manage them without having to log in and out.

Using the new Teams feature, you can link your accounts together and switch between them via your Settings. 

Previously, if you were using multiple Teams accounts, you had to log in and back out, costing valuable time and effort and killing the service’s usability. The feature is in testing, and will initially be available for just one personal account and one work or school account. The ability to easily manage more than two accounts will be added in 2021.

The desktop client of Teams is also adding a feature that is only available to app users currently—the ability to reply to specific messages 1:1, rather than in a group only, Microsoft focused site OnMSFT reports. This highly-requested feature will apparently work in a similar way to other messaging apps—you simply go into the message, hover over it and click on More Options > Reply.

Following hot on the heels of the iOS update, the Teams Android app has also been updated with a bunch of new features. These include improvements to the searching feature with natural language support, Picture-in Picture mode for calls and meetings, and the ability to view 49 participants using Together Mode and the large gallery. 

Teams Vs Zoom

Microsoft’s Teams is looking to steal some of Zoom’s users who may be concerned about security as the stakes get higher in the video conferencing space. So far, the service has stood out from its rival due to its deep integration with other Microsoft products and solutions such as Advanced Communications.

At the same time, it is adding features such as custom backgrounds, AI-based noise suppression and Together Mode to try and make video conferencing more engaging for Zoom-fatigued users.

But Zoom is highly functional, including most of the same features as Teams, with the recently added Zapps taking on Microsoft in the integration stakes.


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