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Logitech Simplifies Virtual Video Conferencing With Swytch

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Video conferencing systems such as Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms are all too familiar in the current ‘new normal’ of working from home, but if you have ever encountered user issues then Logitech’s new introduction of its Swytch platform may help with usability.

This new solution enables you to join meetings for other video conferencing systems from your laptop using a single USB connection, you can switch control of the camera, audio devices and display in meeting rooms to your laptop.

“Most room solutions are great and have made strides in becoming easier to use, but it’s often difficult to join meetings with any video service you want,” said Scott Wharton, vice president and general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration. “For video to become ubiquitous, joining video calls with different platforms needs to become as easy as making a telephone call. With Swytch, we’re taking it a step beyond ‘making every room a meeting room’ and enabling a native experience in conference rooms that anyone can use and enjoy.”

So what is the magic behind this new device? It all comes down to the compact, one-cable laptop link that enables you to use your laptop to run meetings with any video conferencing platform, webinar or streaming software. Just plug the Swytch USB connector into your laptop to quickly get high quality, native support of almost any external video meeting service, regardless of what your room standard is. Once the meeting is finished, unplug Swytch from the laptop to leave the room ready for the next video meeting.

This feature rich solution has multiple capabilities to help improve the video conferencing experience, such as:

Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) To Any Room:

Use Swytch in a room with Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms to connect a laptop to the room’s display, camera and audio devices for meetings hosted on other services.

One Cable, One Connection:

Swytch consolidates HDMI and USB into one cable to project your screen from a laptop on the room’s display at resolutions up to 4K with crisp, clear audio.

Universal Compatibility:

Swytch works with laptops using USB 3.0 or higher with Type A or Type C, including Windows 10 laptop, MacBook, or Chromebook.

Laptop Charging:

Never run out of battery power during a video meeting.Swytch provides up to 60W of power for laptops that charge via USB-C. You no longer need to rely on dongles, splitters, or HDMI adaptors.

Device Management:

Compatibility with Logitech Sync makes it easy for IT to monitor and manage Swytch together with other meeting room devices, including Logitech MeetUp, Rally, and Tap. Plus, the Sync software is free.

Clean Install:

Swytch integrates beautifully with existing meeting rooms via a magnetic mount, which keeps the tabletop clean and organised,with no cords or extraneous accessories exposed.

Article By: PCR-Online Biz


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