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Logitech at Zoomtopia 2020: Get More Mindful with Your Meetings

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This year at Zoomtopia, Logitech were excited to showcase the many ways they've partnered with Zoom over the last several months. Their goal is to not only make collaboration within the Zoom platform better, but make people feel special along the way. This is why they were really excited to support Zoom at its first ever Summary Academy, providing tools for distance learning by donating a variety of Logitech video devices, working with a retirement home to provide equipment for loved ones to stay connected during shelter-in-place, and continuing to partner with leading experts to provide touchless collaboration to help ensure solutions for a safe return to the workplace. They're proud to be able to empower their customers with resources, choice and scalability. 

Throughout 2020, they’ve continued to partner with the best in business to provide new integrations, compute choices and seamless experiences when using the Zoom platform with Logitech

“Alexa start my meeting.” In July, Logitech teamed up with AWS to be one of the first to embed Alexa for Business within their Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms. They wanted to provide a contactless option for meeting rooms, knowing many companies will need options when planning their return to the office. This partnership does not require any additional hardware and can be added to your current Logitech Zoom Rooms with a simple software upgrade. Now, you can start, stop, find an available room, and much more with touch-free voice commands!

They also continued to look for more ways to make the procurement journey easier for their customers, and they understand companies have different compute standardizations for their organizations. By teaming up with Lenovo in February – and HP coming soon – they’ve expanded your options for deploying Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms. Whether it be for your small, medium or large sized meeting rooms, you now have options for which PC will run your meeting rooms. 

Now more than ever we are seeing companies value video collaboration. Despite sheltering in place, we’ve seen how much video collaboration has become a necessity to keep businesses running smoothly. That’s why at Zoomtopia, they we’re thrilled to share stories of their global customers who they’ve helped deploy the power of Logitech and Zoom Rooms, including F5 Networks, FreeNow, Globant, and GS1 Australia. 

With meetings consuming much of our work day lately, Logitech is showcasing their commitment to improving mediocre meetings and making them more mindful.

Article By: Logitech


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